Duravit – Blue Moon

Blue Moon is the ultimate in feel-good bathing — and a high-quality design object.

The Blue Moon bath tubs demonstrate elegant, pure design; with an immersion depth of 510mm you can enjoy more space, and more water!

The Blue Moon pool comes in two different sizes (140x140 or 180x180cm). Because of the generous depth, and the fact that only your back touches the pool tub, a floating sensation takes effect leaving you feeling weightless and relaxed. The waterproof remote has various settings and functions to suit your individual needs and comfort.

Duravit pool cycles

Emotion cycle. Combines 3 functions and offers just the right combination or whirl function to suit every mood. The fine water jets create a gentle tingling sensation.

Relax cycle. Depending on the shape of the tub, nozzles arranged in different layouts provide a mild, gentle massage for the muscles on either side of the spine and are combined with the whirling jets from the roto jets for an effective foot massage.

Power cycle. The large power jets ensure a powerful massage of the shoulder blades and the shoulder itself. Depending on the shape of the tub, the shoulder massage is combined with massage nozzles in the lumbar area or with a powerful foot and side massage.

Pool colour programmes

Energy. In combination with the “Colour Splash” programme 1, users can look forward to a lively experience. With this programme, users can experience the invigorating effect of the pure air bubbles released by the Emotion cycle.

Balance. Combined with the “Rainbow” colour programme 2, the Relax cycle and the bubbling air-and-water mix of the Emotion cycle help to restore your equilibrium.

Awakening. This programme is particularly recommended in the mornings because, in combination with the “Sunrise” colour programme 3, it gradually increases the massage intensity to prepare your body for the day ahead.

Revival. This program is best after a busy day, work, or simply to relax. It is ideal in combination with the “Sunset” colour programme 4. It starts with an energetic Power cycle massage and ends with the pure water jet of the Emotion cycle.

Fitness. The “Light pulse” colour programme 5 offers a colourful mix of the different cycles. This programme reflects the diversity of the different cycles.