Duravit – D-Code

The key to elegance in the bathroom

Duravit D-Code is a new kind of value for money bathroom range, which consistently delivers high quality, modern design. The range is complete from washbasin to towel rail, all encompassing round edges with rectangular forms to blend in with surroundings. D-Code can provide a solution for all imaginable bathroom situations - a hallmark of good, affordable design.

D-Code has a huge variety of washbasin models to choose from, all of which come in a variety of sizes. They can be combined with various Duravit furniture programmes, creating a harmonious, cosy ensemble.

The D-Code washbasins perfectly complement and merge harmoniously with the choices of toilet, bidet and urinals, all of which incorporate the round edge and rectangular form design features. Similar to the washbasins, there is a huge variety of toilets, from wall mounted to floor standing.

D-Code has an elegant selection of bathtubs to match the rest of the range at a genuine entry-level price, including two one-seaters with backrest (170 x 70 cm and 170 x 75 cm) and the choice between the classical variant with outlet in the foot area and a variant with a central outlet. Additional option: Duravit’s own, value for money whirl system with all D-Code bathtubs.

Sometimes a refreshing shower is what’s needed instead of a relaxing bath. D-Code provides well for the shower enthusiasts amongst us, having 9 shower trays of all different shapes and sizes so fit any bathroom space. All models blend perfectly with the rest of the range, creating a harmonious and pleasurable experience.