Heritage Showers

Designed to blend seamlessly with modern and traditional suites

Showering has become a way of life and therefore a beautifully designed shower is a priority for most homeowners. The Heritage Shower range offers a complete range of showering options, including walk-in, quadrant, pivot door and sliding door enclosures. The Showers also come with thermostatic shower valves, and durable, low profile shower trays for a modern, contemporary look for your bathroom.

With a perfect combination of traditional elegance and modern technology, the Heritage Victoria Integrated shower is a perfect piece for any modern bathroom. The Victoria, Zaar and Shaker integrated showers have instant thermostatic response as a standard feature, as well extra strong toughened glass panels with E CLEAR coating, making them super easy to clean.

Depending on the style of your bathroom, and your personal needs, Heritage has a range of shower enclosures. The Linear Panels are the epitome of minimalist design, creating a superb showering space using a single pane of glass. The unity quadrants are ideal when space is limited, as are the contemporary style unity space saving sliding doors. The unity pivot doors create a feeling or space due to the stylish design maximising the glass area.

Heritage have showering products to suite everyone’s needs and every style and size of bathroom.