Ideal Standard Plaza

Combining classical design and latest techniques

Plaza, with its stunning shapes, is an exceptional Ideal Standard bathroom range. Designed by Dave Tilbury of Studio Levien, Plaza evokes all the style and elegance of the new modernism of the 1930s.

Plaza gives you the opportunity to transform your bathroom into an Art Deco ensuite. With its crisp, semi-octagonal shape, angular detailing and perfect finishing touch, Plaza is directly inspired from the great age of bathroom luxury.

Even though the Plaza ensuite looks like it’s taken straight from the 1930s, Ideal Standard combines this classical design with modern engineering. Plaza offers you the best bathing experience due to the high performance of the plumbing fixtures and the 170 x 70 cm Idealform bath.

The strength of Plaza comes from its unbelievable flexibility. The range can be used in traditional as well as in modern settings. Plaza gives you the freedom to choose the perfect bathroom for you.