Ideal Standard Showers

A refreshingly stylish collection

Ideal Standard offers a huge shower collection, combining innovative design with the latest technology for a unique showering experience.

Ideal Standard’s showers use innovative technology to provide customers with bathroom experiences which are equipped for modern day living. Each piece is the culmination of a lengthy development process involving some of Europe’s leading designers. The result is excellence in form and function.

Ideal Standard designs showers for everyone. From a stand-alone design to a model that coordinates with taps and mixers, there is a stylish shower system that will meet your needs and expectations. And because Ideal Standard focuses on the welfare of your family and the environment, it develops extensive ranges of high quality and reliability showers with features such as thermostatic control, cool-body construction and water-saving devices.

The Ideal Standard collection of round handles, levers, crossheads, and backplates are ingeniously designed, beautifully engineered and are just as pleasurable to use as they are to look at. Ideal Standard shower valves are contemporary and stylish.

p>The Ideal Standard shower kits offer a wide range of fixed head and flexible hose showers in exciting styles, with a choice of spray patterns. For extra luxury and versatility they even provide a dual kit with both fixed and handheld showerheads.p>