Ideal Standard Softmood

Versatile, Elegant and Unique

Softmood offers a majestic balance between contemporary clarity and elegant warmth. The range is composed of beautiful ceramics and baths that come straight from Franco Bertoli’s imagination, one of Italy’s most successful designers and a loyal partner to Ideal Standard since 1984. The range also includes furniture and accessories carefully designed by Artefact Industriekultur, the award-winning and renowned German design company founded by Thomas Fiegl and Achim Pohl.

Softmood is an integrated bathroom collection celebrating simplicity in a new way, inviting lightness, openness and sensuousness into a harmonious synthesis with modernity. It astutely blends pure and straight lines with smooth curves and soft edges, creating a unique, stylish and trendy aesthetic.

Softmood creates a haven free of the demands of everyday life. Slim, refined shapes, pure colours and luxurious details create an inimitable atmosphere without loading down the room. The soft rounded lines and attractive lustre of top-quality ceramics harmonise perfectly with elegantly refined furniture. Smooth curves and clear lines transport you into a world of purity and relaxation.

The extensive range of Softmood ceramics includes WC’s and bidets, as well as basins in a variety of styles and sizes. Nine different basin solutions including pedestal, vanity and vessels, offer the right choice for every requirement and taste, in absolute harmony with the rest of the bathroom. Whether your bathroom is large or small, Softmood products can be combined freely to allow you to find the perfect solution.