Ideal Standard Taps And Mixers

Dedicated Excellence

Ideal Standard have an extensive tap and mixer collection, providing excellence in design, performance and durability.

Ideal Standard put groundbreaking design at the heart of all that they do, in collaboration with some of Europe’s most exceptional practitioners in form and functional design. Over the years, they have developed some very exciting technology to meet the changing needs of consumers. Products are manufactured to give maximum flow rates even in low pressure areas, easy and safe to use, as well as delivering water efficiency.

Innovations to make your life easy

All of the Ideal Standard taps and mixers have water saving technology built in, which means you can both save money, and do your bit for the environment. The ingenious CLICK technology in the single lever basin mixer is an example of this. Just lift the handle until you feel a slight resistance; this tells you you’re getting 50% of the mixer’s maximum flow.

The Cool Body innovation means you’ll never have to worry about fittings becoming too hot to touch. Particularly important for children, the temperature limit feature stop controls the temperature on the mixer when the tap is full.