Kaldewei Showers

Style in Every Detail

There is something special about a Kaldewei shower.

While each bathroom is different, still more so each individual’s sense of style, some qualities are universally desired. Among them, quality, individuality and elegance. These the qualities form the hallmark of the Kaldewei’s range of enamelled shower trays.

Enamel itself is a substantial upgrade from acrylic when it comes to sanitary ware, but the precision crafted 3.5 mm steel enamel used in Kaldewei shower trays range takes it yet another rung higher than the typical bathroom.

Astonishingly durable, this material is used in the entire Kaldewei range of baths and showers, all of which comes with a 30-year guarantee. However, it is not only the high-quality material of a that guarantees the longevity of a Kaldewei shower tray, but also its stylish, timeless design.

Their floor-level profile and integrated wall outlets allow Kaldewei showers to blend perfectly with the bathroom floor, while the clean-cut design and uniform surface gives the shower tray a seamlessly elegant appearance, making them a proud component of the ultimate 21st Century bathroom, where style and comfort find complete expression in every detail.