Lefroy Brooks

Lefroy Brooks

As we progress into this new century I strongly suspect that the control of water will be by electronic solenoids like our dishwashers and washing machines. Taps will disappear and we will be left holding remote controls or prodding steamy screens.

Taps therefore as we know them today may have existed for only around a century and are perhaps destined like the horse and carriage to disappear into the mists of nostalgia.

Christo Lefroy Brooks took on the task of researching this century of taps and selecting the great classics from each decade.  From their domestic origins in the late Victorian era through the mechanical angularity of the Edwardians, the curvaceous turn of the century French, the colonial twenties, the Deco thirties, the streamline fifties, the starry sixties to the nineteen seventies when it all seemed to begin again.

Each decade has been carefully considered and researched. Christo Lefroy Brooks visited many museums, countless salvage yards and unexpectedly welcomed into castles, cottages and dealers’ dens.

But what does a true classic mean and how does a design become a classic. Foremost it stands the test of time, it is popular, a design which sold well in its day and continued to be demanded and of course it worked, it functioned, it did its job. Beautiful products, beautifully made, beautifully practical and still beautiful today.   These are art forms – sculptures not only for the eye but also for the hand – they look right and feel right.

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