Matki Brassware

Beautiful to look at and highly practical to use.

The Matki Brassware collections are all designed and engineered to a standard where they can pass stringent quality tests. As the name suggests, collections are made mostly from Brass, and plated with Chrome to give an opulent Matki finish. The products are also designed in such a way that they are easy to install and maintain.

The Matki Brassware collection is at the forefront of technology with it’s inventive thermostatic shower valve system. This technology provides an invigorating experience whether in a low-pressure gravity or high-pressure gravity system due to superior performance and high flow rate.

With the entire range designed to give a stunning, timeless feel, Matki have created a collection consisting of beautiful and practical products; including those from Brassware Elexir, Absolute, Precis, and Invincible. Practicality can be demonstrated in the highly efficient and sensitive Click-Temperature controls on Elexir Absolute2, which enables you to easily find the perfect temperature with a preset maximum to prevent scalding.

Matki Elixir Brassware is a beautiful contemporary yet timeless range of thermostatic shower mixers and accessories. It is the perfect marriage of style and functionality, imperative to complete your ideal bathroom. For that perfect addition to your daily shower experience, choose from the Matki Brassware collection with its timeless and stunning designs, which are practical and ideal for your daily use.