Matki EauZone Plus

The future of modern showering

The new Matki EauZone Plus collection features a vast range of options to suit any configuration. The range was created to showcase the beauty of solid 10mm Safety Glass with the minimum amount of seals and framing. Huge consideration has gone into the degree of rigidity and splash protection, characteristics which are not normally associated with frameless showers. It is the finer details which the Matki Design team have focussed on, creating beautifully crafted chrome parts complete with the opulent Matki finish.

The EauZone collection comes with a vast range of standard panel and door sizes, providing you with an endless choice. The wet room panel is one of Matki’s EauZone products which presents an ideal solution to achieving a wet room look without the hassle associated with tanking and drainage, also available in any size to suit you.

They have a range of hinged doors, where the 10mm Safety Glass door is hinged from the hinge panel giving a secure seal. All EauZone Plus doors are fitted with Matki's unique non-slip hinges (patent applied for) retaining perfect adjustment in use. As well as hinged doors, the jewel in the luxurious EauZone Plus Collection is the 3-sided sliding door which provides the centrepiece in bathroom design. Showers no longer need to be in a corner or a recess. With its 3 sides, the slider opens up exciting bathroom layout possibilities. If you want to see the future of modern showering, look no further than Matki EauZone Plus.