About Mira Showers

What makes a Mira Shower stand out? Is it the choice of stylish showers and showerheads that can be fitted into any bathroom?

Perhaps it is:

  • The advanced technology that includes remote touch control and multiple spray settings in a single 360 degree showerhead

  • Showers with digital timers that keep you from being late for work

  • Showers with glass fascias that send your friends green with envy

  • Showers with remote controls for when you just want 5 more minutes in bed.

  • Showers that look after the environment by saving up to 75% water

  • Showers with thermostatic controls that keep your little ones safe.

  • There are many reasons why a Mira Shower stands out but the best thing about them is, whichever reason is most important to you, there is a shower to suit your needs.

  • Please click on any of the below images to view more information about each Mira Showering product series.

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