Duravit – Nahho

Not bathing but floating!

With Nahho, Duravit introduces a new form of bathing culture – floating. If you want to experience the astonishing and wonderful feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation in water, the Nahho range is made for you. You will not be surprised to know that Nahho is the name of the original canoe, the dugout canoe; the floating sensation totally inspired this range.

The most important prerequisite for this weightlessness sensation is being able to stretch out in full. The optional height-adjustable “bushman” neck rest, designed according to a classic Ethiopian model, further enhances the feeling of relaxation.

The visual effect is also designed for relaxation: all of the technical elements are cleverly concealed under a furniture flap which comes in two different finishes; white or matt graphite. This means the tap fittings, waterfall tap or the optional indirect lighting are all hidden away providing an aesthetically pleasing bathing experience. Additional extras include a Durapearl system and a sound module.