Duravit – Onto

We have come to expect something special when architect and designer Matteo Thun designs a bathroom for Duravit, and the Onto programme is just that.

Onto introduces a completely new bathroom design principle for consoles. Instead of placing the washbasin on the console, the washbasin is first mounted and then the console is placed onto the ceramics afterwards. This principle is much more practical and means it is easy to install, easy to clean and easier to plan! The Onto collection is a suitable solution for a different variety of bathrooms, from public areas, to private bathrooms or hotels.

The consoles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 80 to 240 cm, also with a choice of four different wood tones - matt white, matt basalt, dark chestnut or European oak. The consoles also have the option of having openings for towels, either at the front or the side. On top of this there is a more practical console with drawers that, with a comfortable cushion, doubles as a seat.