Duravit – OpenSpace

The shower partition that enlarges the bathroom

The EOOS group of designers have developed an innovative OpenSpace shower enclosure solution to combat the valuable space used up in bathrooms with typical shower enclosures. The enclosure is made up of two large self locking glass doors and a brilliant chrome frame. The doors come translucent in design or with a mirror on one side.

The beauty of this design is that after showering, these doors can be folded against the wall, creating a much larger appearance of the bathroom; especially with mirrored glass. This solution avoids a rail protruding into the room, as well as concealing the tap fittings and shower hose.

"Our design goal has been space easing in the bathroom. If you do not want to use the shower, it’s gone. If you want to use it, it’s there," says Martin one of the designers. The everyday sight of an empty shower is washed away. In its closed state, Open Space is merely the projected shadow of the stall on the wall. This creates peace and smoothness in the bathroom.