Duravit – Starck 1

Philippe Starck’s design searches for the origin of things.

Philippe Starck has achieved the simple, natural, fundamental elements of life... in the bathroom. Starck 1 returns to the beginnings of hygiene, however completely reinterpreting the historic bucket, tub, and wash bowl into the meticulously crafted modern day toilet, bathtub and washbasin.

It’s great to know that something good doesn’t have to be “optimized”: since their market launch in 1994, all products in the range – ceramic, furniture, tubs, accessories – have been meticulously crafted by hand using the same methods. This quality is nothing less than you would expect from a modern classic like Starck 1.

The 2011 additions to the range show just how successful and contemporary the collection continues to be today. In keeping with the spirit of the original, the designer has focused once again on the essential. The washbasins are available in various different shapes and sizes, including circular, square, and tri-oval design. The new vanity units complement the washbasins perfectly making the washing area an elegant feature in the bathroom.