Duravit – Starck 3

Frequently copied but never matched. The Starck 3 range is and remains the measure of all things when it comes to design, variety and price.

Even more top-quality Starck at a great value: there’s no doubt that, with the Starck 3 range of ceramics, Duravit has revolutionized the sanitary world. Starck 3 brings design to a segment where it was once an untouched concept with a vast array of products that meet all needs and tastes. And – the range provides better value for money than ever before.

Starck 3 has an extremely large range of models and variants, making it one of the most extensive bathroom ranges. This also means it is suitable for the widest range of users, application areas and architectural settings. The range is perfect for any setting from public areas, private bathroom, or semi public places such as hotels. The Starck 3 range is consistent with its predecessors, providing great variety and great price.

The Starck 3 washbasin derives its distinctive character from the basic rectangular shape, an all-round rim and a low back panel. The rectangular shape brings versatility to the washbasin in comparison to semi circular washbasins of similar sizes. The compact version saves even more space, ideal for fitting into the corners of small powder rooms.

Starck 3 has washbasins in a wide range of sizes and variants and offers something for virtually every ambience, taste and amount of space. The combination with pedestal or semi-pedestal is ideal for purists who want to enjoy the actual form of the ceramic and the material itself without any embellishments.